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How Does Ab Etching Differ From Liposuction?

Dr. Rolando Morales | 01/22/2021

Do you want a slimmer and more contoured abdomen? Discover the differences between traditional liposuction surgery and abdominal etching treatment.


Is Recovery Longer For Breast Augmentation With a Breast Lift?

Dr. Rolando Morales | 01/20/2021

Breast surgery can give you fuller and more refreshed results. Learn about recovery after breast lift and augmentation at our plastic surgery clinic.


Should I Lose Weight Before a Mommy Makeover?

Dr. Rolando Morales | 01/13/2021

Mommy makeover procedures can address excess skin and stubborn fat pockets. See how patients can maintain a stable weight to enjoy long-term results.


Five Areas of the Body That Benefit From Body Contouring

Dr. Rolando Morales | 01/06/2021

Body contouring reduces excess skin and fat in several areas of the body. See how these procedures are designed to help patients look and feel great.


What Happens If You Gain Weight After a Tummy Tuck?

Dr. Rolando Morales | 12/23/2020

Tummy tuck surgery can make your abdominal area slimmer and more attractive. Discover what happens when you gain too much weight following surgery.


Will I Lose Nipple Sensation With Breast Augmentation?

Dr. Rolando Morales | 12/16/2020

Are you concerned about the loss of nipple sensation after breast augmentation? Learn about the factors that may affect sensation following surgery.


Can a Mommy Makeover Fix Diastasis Recti?

Dr. Rolando Morales | 12/10/2020

A separated abdomen can make you feel uncomfortable with your body. See how mommy makeover procedures, like a tummy tuck, can correct diastasis recti.


Is Abdominal Etching Permanent?

Dr. Rolando Morales | 12/03/2020

Do you want six-pack abs without spending all your time at the gym? Learn about abdominal etching treatment, a long-term way to achieve etched abs.


Will I Get Stretch Marks If I Get Pregnant?

Dr. Rolando Morales | 11/24/2020

Stretch marks from pregnancy can be embarrassing or frustrating for women. Learn how body contouring procedures, such as tummy tuck surgery, may help.


How Have Cosmetic Surgeons Improved Scars from Plastic Surgery?

Dr. Rolando Morales | 11/17/2020

The idea of plastic surgery scars can be intimidating. We teach you about scar management after plastic surgery so you can get the results you want.


Will I Still Have Loose Skin After Liposuction?

Dr. Rolando Morales | 11/10/2020

Some patients are concerned about loose or excess skin after liposuction in Houston. Learn how body contouring works with a consultation in your area.


How Does Dual Plane Buttock Augmentation Differ from Butt Implants?

Dr. Rolando Morales | 11/03/2020

Want to enhance your backside? Dual plane buttock augmentation uses buttock implants and fat grafting techniques to get the appearance you want.


How Long Is the Recovery After Extreme Weight Loss Surgery?

Dr. Rolando Morales | 10/27/2020

Skin removal surgery can eliminate excess loose skin after significant weight loss. Learn how to recover from body contouring surgery at our clinic.


Tips to Sleep Comfortably After Breast Augmentation

Dr. Rolando Morales | 10/20/2020

Sleeping with the head elevated is a great way to sleep after breast augmentation. Read about the best sleeping techniques following cosmetic surgery.


When Is The Best Time for a Mommy Makeover?

Dr. Rolando Morales | 10/13/2020

Should you get body contouring surgery after pregnancy? Learn about our different mommy makeover procedures and when to schedule them in Houston.


What is the Recovery Time for Dual Plane Buttock Augmentation?

Dr. Rolando Morales | 10/06/2020

Learn about successful recovery from dual plane buttock augmentation. The combination of implants and fat grafting enhances your natural silhouette.


When Can A Tummy Tuck Be Medically Necessary?

Dr. Rolando Morales | 09/23/2020

You may be surprised to learn about the medical benefits of tummy tuck surgery, in addition to giving you a beautifully sculpted belly and midsection.


How To Tell If Your Breast Implant Has Ruptured

Dr. Rolando Morales | 09/16/2020

Breast implant rupture occurs when the outer shell breaks or loses integrity. Learn the signs of breast implant rupture with a visit to our clinic.


The Benefits of Extreme Weight Loss Surgery and Removal of Excess Skin

Dr. Rolando Morales | 09/09/2020

Removing excess skin can improve your appearance and health. Learn about the benefits of after weight loss surgery and body contouring at our clinic.


Who is a Candidate for Abdominal Etching?

Dr. Rolando Morales | 09/02/2020

Ab etching uses liposuction techniques to target stomach fat and define your abdomen. Learn how to achieve sculpted abs through this custom procedure.


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