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What Is A Body Lift?

Using the latest body-contouring techniques, Dr. Morales, performs body lift procedures for men and women in the Houston/Katy area. A body lift incorporates several body contouring procedures to improve and refine the appearance of the breasts, abdomen and torso. It corrects hanging rolls, loose skin, sagging, drooping, deflated breasts, and excess fat pockets in the upper body. The best candidates for a body lift are patients with loose abdominal skin after significant weight loss. Patients considering a body lift should be stabilized at their ideal weight goal.

During The Surgery

A body lift is performed under general anesthesia at a hospital or outpatient facility. The body lift may be performed with other procedures, such as an arm or breast lift. However, there is a limit to how many procedures can be performed at once safely. The incision is made around the lower trunk to remove the maximum amount of excess skin from the abdomen, hips, and flanks. The scar is kept as low as possible in the front of the abdomen and along the hip line to conceal the scar within a normal panty line. A new opening will be cut for the navel to be reinserted, and the incisions are stitched closed.

Extended tummy tuck/body lift with medial thigh lift - Dr. Morales is the best! I highly recommend him. His bedside manner is very caring and attentive. He is very thorough in answering all questions and taking his time with you. He is also very talented and my results far exceeded my expectations. My pain was minimal and my recovery has been a lot better than I could have hoped for. I am 8 days post op and my results are unbelievable and I know...

B. RealSelf

My experience has been and continues to be nothing but the absolute best from Dr. Morales and his team. I have experienced extreme weight loss after bariatric surgery and was in search of someone to assist with a thigh lift, butt lift, full body lift, mons lift, arm lift, breast lift with augmentation and some lipo here and there. This has been all staged in a two part surgery and Dr. Morales has held my hand the entire time. I am currently finished with stage 1 and awaiting stage 2 and could not be happier with my results thus far.

M.G. Google

Extreme Body Makeover!! - Thanks to Dr.Morales, I finally had my extreme body makeover on March 2, 2021. I had tummy tuck, arm lift, thigh lift, body lift and also breast lift. Everything is healing great and can’t wait for my final out coming ! Sorry, no pictures at this time but maybe later.

D. RealSelf

My belly isn't making a sad face anymore! 360 body lift and thigh lift. - Dr. Morales and his staff are absolutely amazing. I am 2 months post-surgery and I can't believe how everything turned out. I went home after surgery. A nurse came to my home the next morning to assess and help with dressings. Every time I had a question, a staff member responded quickly. The pain was manageable and much less that I expected. Pictures speak for themself. My belly isn't making a sad face anymore!!

N. RealSelf

Wow! Dr. Morales and his whole team are incredible. The care that was given to me the day of surgery was nothing short of amazing. Dr. Morales personally made sure to stick by my side every step of the way during that first night and didn’t leave until he knew I was taken care of his fellow also played an important role that first night looking after me and gave me top notch care alongside the nurses. He gave me reassurance that I would be okay and he always remained confident. My results have truly changed my life and I am only 2 months post op after a full mommy makeover which included a body lift, fat transfer and breast reduction. He has given me the confidence I was missing. His assistant Claudia was always so sweet and always available when I needed her and answered all my questions during recovery. From day one meeting with him and Linda I knew I made the right choice for my Dr!

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The trunk is supported with a binder. Dressings are applied over the incisions, and drains are placed at the incision sites to collect any excess fluid. Drains are removed within 4 to 7 days after surgery. Patients will be encouraged to get up and move around several times a day to help speed the recovery process, and reduce the risk of blood clots forming in the legs. Most patients can go back to work within 2 to 4 weeks after surgery. Strenuous activity and heavy lifting will need to be avoided for about 2 months. It can take a few months for all swelling to clear up. The scars will fade over time.

Expected Cost

The total cost for an upper body lift varies for each patient. Most patients pay between $11,000-$15,000. Factors that will affect the overall price include the amount of different procedures performed, the extent of each procedure, medications administered and post-operative visits.

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How Long Does It Take?

The length of the procedure varies for each patient, depending on the number of body contouring procedures being performed. Most abdominal procedures take 3 to 4 hours to complete.

Combine With Other Surgeries?

The body lift is often combined with other body contouring procedures such as an arm or breast lift. However, there is a limit to how many procedures can be done safely as it relates to surgical recovery and the amount of time the surgery takes.   

Covered By Insurance?

The only technique related to the body lift that is medically necessary and covered by insurance is called a panniculectomy. A panniculectomy removes only the excessive hanging tissue of skin and fat that impairs normal activity. In patients who are candidates for a body lift procedure, the pannus may extend circumferentially around the lower trunk. Insurance companies often require documented symptoms with a pannus, such as  skin breakdown, infections, and limiting normal activity. 

Return To Work?

Every person recovers differently. The recovery period depends on how many procedures were performed at the same time. The average return to work for the standard body lift is 2-3 weeks.  

When Can I Exercise?

The average return to routine exercise is no sooner than 2 months. Post-operative swelling usually persists for months after a body lift. The abdominal muscle tightening requires an appropriate amount of time to recover, and is usually painful if strained too soon. 

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.