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What Is the Expected Cost for a Body Lift?

By: Dr. Rolando Morales


Weight loss can transform your body in unexpected and sometimes unflattering ways. For example, drastic weight loss can create excess or hanging skin around the abdomen and midsection. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rolando Morales can perform an innovative body lift to remove stretched-out skin and give you more pleasing contours in Houston, TX.

So, what’s involved with body lift surgery, and how much does it cost? While the expected range is $11,000 – $15,000 at Morales Plastic Surgery, many factors can impact the overall cost. Read the details below or call a member of our team to schedule a body lift assessment. Our staff is always transparent about the cost of cosmetic surgery and is happy to review the details in full with you.

Why is there a price range for body lift surgery?

There is no set price for a full body lift or other body contouring procedures because they can be personalized in a number of ways. During surgery, Dr. Morales removes excess skin from areas such as the abdomen, hips, and flanks. The cost varies based on how many areas are treated at the same time. For example, some patients require a standard body lift for the midsection, while others also get an arm lift or breast lift to complete their look.

What costs are involved with a full body lift?

When it comes to any plastic surgery, patients need to consider costs, like general anesthesia, operating room fees, surgeon’s fees, and other related expenses. When you consult with Dr. Morales about the total cost of a body lift, we can provide quotes so you know what to expect.

Patients should also prepare for some out-of-pocket costs after body lift surgery in Houston, TX. You may want to invest in the following for post-surgical care:

  • Prescription and over-the-counter medications, including antibiotics and painkillers

  • Post-surgical garments to protect the incision sites

  • Support pillows and extra blankets

  • Water, tea, or other preferred beverages

  • Easy-to-prepare healthy snacks and meals

  • Entertainment, like books and movies

The expected cost of body lift surgery

The professionals at Morales Plastic Surgery believe in complete transparency when it comes to the cost of body lift surgery or any of our procedures. While the above list is not comprehensive, it can give you a good idea of how to prepare for a full body lift at our clinic. Our team can also review the costs in full during your initial appointment. As we mentioned, you can expect to pay between $11,000 – $15,000.

Your current health insurance providers may not cover body contouring surgery since it is an elective procedure. However, we do offer a range of financing options so the procedure can fit into your budget. Patients are always free to call with any questions about cost.

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Dr. Rolando Morales is excited to provide such a unique surgery that offers amazing cosmetic benefits. If you're unsure whether you can afford body contouring in Houston, TX, we encourage you to contact the administrative staff at Morales Plastic Surgery. We can keep you informed about the cost of body lift surgery each step of the way.

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