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Do You Need a BBL or Butt Implants?

By: Dr. Rolando Morales


With the rising popularity of fat transfer procedures — including the Brazilian butt lift (BBL) — more and more patients wonder whether they may be able to avoid implants for their butt augmentation. While some patients may be candidates for BBL surgery, many are surprised to learn that butt implants are often a more suitable option that allows for greater surgical control and, ultimately, more desirable and longer-lasting results. At Morales Plastic Surgery, Houston, TX board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rolando Morales is committed to helping patients identify the most appropriate and effective body contouring solutions that meet their needs and goals. Dr. Morales takes great care to thoroughly discuss the pros and cons, and help set realistic expectations associated with both BBL and butt implants for each patient. Here, you'll find a helpful comparison of BBL and butt implants, including what factors to consider when determining which butt enhancement option is right for you.

Will BBL give me a bigger butt?

For many patients considering BBL surgery, their primary goal is to add volume and projection to their buttocks. While this may be possible in certain cases, it is important for patients to understand that there are limitations as to how much added volume and projection can be achieved with a fat transfer to the butt alone. Some of the most common things that may prevent a patient from achieving their desired level of augmentation with BBL surgery include:

  • Not enough excess fat available elsewhere in the body
  • Lack of structure and shape in harvested fat cells
  • Degradation, shrinking, or change in transferred fat cells over time
  • "Running out of fat" for a BBL (also called a failed BBL)
  • Skin texture and elasticity
  • Size of the natural butt muscle (glute)

What are the benefits of butt implants instead of a BBL?

In many cases, patients may actually be considered more suitable candidates for butt implants — also called gluteal implants — rather than BBL fat transfer surgery, which may be due to their natural body type as well as the limitations listed above. Generally speaking, some exciting reasons to consider glute implants over a BBL include:

  • Butt implants are long-term and will not lose volume or shape
  • A more dramatic volume increase and more pronounced projection are possible with implants
  • It does not matter how much excess fat the patient has, meaning even thin patients can be candidates for butt augmentation with implants
  • Butt implants provide the surgeon with more ability to control the shape, size, projection, placement, and other features

Can I get a fat transfer in addition to butt implants?

Absolutely. In fact, some of the most beautiful and natural results — in terms of both look and feel — can be achieved by combining BBL plus butt implants. During your initial consultation for a Houston, TX butt augmentation, Dr. Morales will discuss the possibility of a combination BBL plus implants to help you achieve your ideal outcome.

Boost your curves with a customized butt augmentation in Houston, TX

There's no question that BBL surgery and butt implants are among the most popular body contouring procedures available today, but it is important for patients to understand which one may offer the most compelling results based on their unique needs and goals. Take the first step toward getting the butt of your dreams today by calling Morales Plastic Surgery to schedule your one-on-one consultation with Houston, TX board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rolando Morales. In the meantime, you can hear Dr. Morales discuss BBL vs. butt implants in more detail here.

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