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Liposuction in Houston, TX

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What is liposuction?

At Morales Plastic Surgery in Houston, TX, we offer liposuction (fat removal procedure) for men and women with unwanted fat in areas that are difficult to lose weight. Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Rolando Morales, can safely recontour the abdomen, chin, neck, buttocks, thighs, knees, and more to sculpt the area into a more aesthetically pleasing shape. Liposuction can provide men and women alike with newer and better body proportions while taking care of pesky areas that are resistant to change even with a healthy diet and targeted exercises.

In a consultation, you can discuss your trouble areas that would benefit from liposuction with Dr. Morales privately. Call and schedule an appointment with one of our friendly patient care coordinators today.

During Fat Removal Surgery

At Morales Plastic Surgery, we provide our patients with liposuction services in an outpatient facility with general anesthesia. If you are having multiple procedures that involve more complex techniques than just liposuction, then Dr. Morales may recommend an inpatient stay for a few days of recovery. The duration of the surgery time will be based on the amount of fat removed, the technique used, and the size of the area being treated. Dr. Morales will make small incisions to insert a specialized medical instrument called a cannula to disrupt fat cells before they are suctioned out. He will also implement a tumescent solution of saline and lidocaine to make the fat easier to remove and prevent excessive blood loss. Once the fat is removed, you will be bandaged and taken to our recovery room to wake up from the anesthesia.

Your Surgical Recovery

Once your liposuction procedure has ended, Dr. Morales will have you dressed in a compression garment in the treatment area. You will need to wear your fitted compression garment as directed by Dr. Morales to help speed up your recovery process. After the first week at home, you should see the bruising and swelling gradually dissipate. As your body heals, you should see results in several months. You may have small scars where the cannula was inserted, but these will fade over time. We will also give you scar care instructions to follow once you are caring for yourself at home.

Expected Cost

The average cost of liposuction at Morales Plastic Surgery in Houston, TX for the most common body parts are outlined below:

  • Abdomen (upper/lower): $3,000 – $7,000
  • Arms: $1,500 – $5,000
  • Buttocks: $1,500 – $4,000
  • Chin: $2,000 – $4,500
  • Inner thigh: $2,000 – $5,000
  • Outer thigh: $2,000 – $5,000
  • Hips/Waist: $2,000 – $5,000
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Average Cost  
$8,000 - $10,000
Recovery Time  
3 – 5 Days
Average Procedure Time  
1 – 3 Hours
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Liposuction FAQs

How Much Fat Can You Take with Liposuction?

At your consultation, we will discuss how much fat is safe for you to have removed with liposuction. This will not be a plastic surgery dedicated to helping you lose weight. There are limits to what can be safely removed from your body. Also, you can only have so much fat removed before it makes the treated area look deflated with loose skin. You need to be as close to your ideal weight as possible to get the best results.

What Can I Do With the Fat?

Harvested fat from liposuction can be purified for reinjection into areas that need more volume. This is a surgical process called a fat transfer or fat grafting. When Dr. Morales liposuctions out fat during a tummy tuck or thigh lift, he could potentially use that same fat for a Brazilian butt lift, breast augmentation, or a facial filler. Otherwise, the fat will be safely discarded. If you have an interest in repurposing your autologous tissues, bring it up to Dr. Morales during your consultation. Keep in mind that there will be a limit to how many procedures can be done safely as it relates to surgical recovery and the amount of time the surgery takes.

Can I Workout After Lipo?

In our experience, the average recovery period (or the amount of time you should not workout) for a liposuction patient is about two months. You may feel better in less time, but the postoperative swelling may persist for several months after liposuction. Dr. Morales will see you at your follow-up appointments and will make recommendations as to your level of activity at that time.

How Long Does Lipo Take?

he duration of your fat removal surgery is very dependent on how many areas are being treated and the volume of fat removed. A chin fat removal will not take as long as a larger area on your body, like the abdomen or thighs. Patients should not exceed three hours of liposuction. 

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