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What to Know About Sitting On Your Butt After a BBL

By: Dr. Rolando Morales


Are you considering Brazilian butt lift surgery (BBL)? Look no further than Morales Plastic Surgery in Houston, TX, where board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rolando Morales and his experienced team focus on enhancing natural body contours. They offer this popular butt enhancement procedure, which involves fat transfer to the buttocks to enhance both shape and size. Many patients wonder if they can sit on their butt after a BBL. Generally, it is recommended to avoid sitting directly on your buttocks for at least two weeks post-surgery. This helps to ensure the best possible outcome and allows the transferred fat cells to settle properly. Familiarizing yourself with the dos and don'ts after a Brazilian butt lift is important for optimizing the outcome of your newly sculpted posterior.

What should you do after a Brazilian butt lift?

Understanding the best practices for post-surgery Brazilian butt lift care can greatly influence your recovery and results. To ensure you get the most out of your procedure:

  • Use a special pillow: A BBL pillow can help by placing it under your thighs to keep pressure off your buttocks.
  • Sleep on your stomach or sides: This helps to avoid compressing the buttocks while you rest.
  • Follow your surgeon's instructions: Adhering to the guidelines provided by Dr. Morales and his team will support your recovery.

What activities can you engage in during BBL recovery?

Engaging in the right activities can enhance your recovery and help maintain the results of your surgery. During the first few weeks, it's crucial to strike a balance between staying active and allowing your body the necessary time to heal properly. Focus on light activities such as walking to improve circulation and promote healing without placing undue stress on the surgical site. Walking not only aids in circulation but also helps prevent blood clots and strengthens your muscles gradually. However, it's important to avoid strenuous exercise until Dr. Morales gives you the go-ahead. While you may be eager to resume your regular workout routine, pushing yourself too soon can hinder your recovery and potentially lead to complications. Instead, follow your doctor's recommendations closely and gradually reintroduce more intense activities as your body continues to heal.

What are your next steps for BBL recovery and enjoying your new look?

Dr. Morales and the team at Morales Plastic Surgery in Houston, TX are dedicated to ensuring that your recovery from a Brazilian butt lift surgery is as smooth and effective as possible. If you have any questions or concerns during your recovery, don't hesitate to contact our team. Planning a follow-up appointment can also help monitor your progress and maintain the results of your cosmetic buttock enhancement.

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