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Butt Augmentation with Implants in Houston, TX

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What Are Butt Implants?

At Morales Plastic Surgery in Houston, TX, butt augmentation with implants is one of the more sought-after procedures men and women request for enhancement. To improve the buttock shape, size, proportions, and projection, our patients meet with our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Rolando Morales, especially when diet and targeted exercise does not provide results. With a semi-solid butt implant, your buttocks will feel softer, more natural without sacrificing safety and durability at the same time. Our butt implants are manufactured in a variety of volumes, shapes, and profiles. Dr. Morales looks forward to having a consultation with you if you are interested in this plastic surgery. He will also have a one-on-one discussion with you about proper implant selection, surgical incisions, and implant placement techniques.

Did you know that Dr. Morales has developed a hybrid "dual plane" surgical technique in buttock augmentation within the implant pocket? Dr. Morales has had <1% complications and revisions with his technique. He shared this novel technique at The Aesthetic Meeting in New Orleans, LA to his peers on May 20, 2019. He also talked about his technique description, surgical outcomes, and observed complications at this prestigious meeting. Dr. Morales also has an article submitted for publication on the technique in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal.

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This technique was developed by Dr. Morales and he has been successfully performing this procedure for many happy patients. Dr. Morales has been published with an article about this technique.

Types of Buttock Implants

Butt implants have been around for many decades. They were originally designed as solid silicone, and they continue to be to this day. Solid silicone is more durable and able to take the daily stress of sitting and moving of the buttocks. Today, there are new advances in semi-solid silicone implants that are softer, feel more natural, and are still safe and durable. Semi-solid implants come in different volumes, shapes, and profiles (just like breast implants). An examination and discussion of the desired look are critical for your implant selection.  

Who Qualifies for Butt Implants?

To be considered for a butt augmentation with implants, Dr. Morales would like to see you in a private consultation to determine your eligibility. You may want to have butt augmentation with implants if you have a body mass index (BMI) of 22 and lower, which would mean there is not enough fat on your body for a Brazilian butt lift. We also consult with patients who would like to revise an original buttock augmentation because of the dissatisfaction with the volume, shape, or projection of the buttocks.

Implant Pocket Techniques

There are three implant pocket techniques for buttock augmentation:

  • Submuscular
    With a submuscular approach, Dr. Morales would place the implant under the gluteus maximus muscle. Many believe that putting the implant under the muscle gives it an extra layer of protection, more padding for less implant visibility, and palpability of the implant. This technique does require a longer recovery period, long-term pain sequela, or an injury to the deep vessels and nerves of the leg.
  • Intramuscular
    The second approach is intramuscular, which places the implant within the gluteus maximus muscle. However, this is not a true plane and may impair the function of the muscle. Animation, or movement of the implant in the pocket, is very common with this approach. You may end up with an implant that sits high and with less lower-pole fullness. This plane also has more risk of bleeding and injuring the deep nerves and vessels of the leg.
  • Under the fat tissue (fascia)
    This is a third option that is rarely used today. It is a surgical approach that has high complication rates with infection and implant malposition.


Dr. Morales' dual-plane buttock augmentation technique

Dr. Morales has developed a hybrid technique called a "dual plane" augmentation for the implant pocket. The lower third of the pocket is within the gluteus maximus muscle (intramuscular), and the rest of the upper pocket is under the strong muscle fascia (subfascial). On the lower pole of the buttock, the implant sits within the muscle, thus decreasing the visibility, and gives the pocket long-term support. This plane is created under the gluteus maximus fascia, giving your augmentation surgery the benefits of:

  • Decreased visibility of the implant
  • Less visibility through thin skin (palpability)
  • Proper placement and position
  • Fewer complications, like the risk of long-term pain syndromes

He also prefers to use concealed incisions (1 – 2) within the gluteal crease at the tailbone. Dr. Morales will also perform fat grafting as an adjunctive technique to enhance the final shape and natural appearance of the augmentation. He would liposuction your waistline, harvest the fat, and transfer it to "soften the edges" of the implant, just under the skin to ensure a more natural-appearing result.


During the Surgery

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia in an outpatient accredited surgicenter. The procedure usually takes 2 – 3 hours to complete. If Dr. Morales will be enhancing your butt augmentation with implants with fat grafting, then he will first perform liposuction to harvest the fat. To begin the implant process, you will be carefully positioned in the prone (face down) position for the augmentation. The implant pocket will be created on both sides through the crease with two incisions. The implants will then be prepared, rinsed with triple antibiotics, and placed into the pocket using a Keller Funnel because it decreases contamination and damage to the implant. Drains are usually not required. The incisions will be closed in multiple tissue layers and then sealed with skin glue. Fat grafting will be performed last on the periphery of the implant to improve the shape and contour. Compression garments may be worn to support the areas where liposuction was performed.

About Your Surgical Recovery

Upon discharge, you may return home the same day with a strict restriction of resting only in a prone position to reduce the risk of complications with the augmentation. No sitting will be allowed for two weeks, other than for using the restroom. This will decrease the risk of bleeding and malposition complications. A sitting protocol begins two weeks after surgery. Your follow-up appointments will be scheduled within one week, two weeks, one month, and two months after surgery. Your return to normal activity and exercise will be allowed two months after surgery.

Expected Cost

The cost of buttock augmentation will vary, depending on the technique used, your physical condition, aesthetic goals, and any other factors relating to the surgical case. On average, most patients can expect to pay between $9,000 – $14,000 for the procedure.

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Average Cost  
$10,000 - $15,000
Recovery Time  
2 Weeks
Average Procedure Time  
2-3 Hours
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Buttock Implant FAQ's

What Size Should I get?

The way your buttocks are shaped will play a key role in the size of the implant. Dr. Morales will examine your body shape to see if you are a square, round, pear, or inverted triangle. Then, he can make a recommendation as to what will look the best based on your current shape, anatomical variances of your pelvis and spine curvature, and aesthetic goals.

Size Chart for Butt Implants

What's the largest implant?

You may come into your butt implant consultation thinking you want to supersize your behind with the largest implant available. Dr. Morales will discuss with you how a 712 cc round butt implant will impact the aesthetics of your silhouette and if you have space under your glute to put a large-sized implant.

Unlike breast implants that are half under the muscle, the buttock implant is placed under the muscle fascia. This area is not as expandable as the breast. Most patients may not have large enough glute muscles to accommodate a large implant. However, Dr. Morales routinely augments with additional fat grafting to improve the shape and appearance. If it is advisable, custom implants can be ordered larger but at a premium price.

Where are the incisions?

Dr. Morales prefers to place buttock implants with the two-incision technique made within the gluteal crease at the level of the tailbone. However, you may also qualify for the one-incision technique, which reduces the risk of infection and buttock crease tenting.

How long do implants last?

Unlike breast implants, buttock implants are semi-solid silicone and will not leak silicone if the implant ruptures. Butt implants are very durable and can withstand normal activity for many years. Removing or replacing your butt implants is a discussion you can have when needed.

Risks & complications?

Historically, your highest risks and complications with butt implant placement are infection and malposition of the implant. Dr. Morales will take every precaution to reduce these risks. 

For infection, he can place the incision away from the anus and perform multiple skin prep solution steps before placing the implant into the pocket. Antibiotics will also be used intravenously with irrigation during surgery. He will also prescribe you an oral antibiotic to take to reduce infection. A strict bowel regimen protocol will be required to prevent postoperative contamination of the incision site. 

Complications can occur when the implant is in an improper position (malposition), such as the placement of the butt implant under the fatty tissue fascia. Dr. Morales prefers the true sub-muscle fascial pocket technique, which creates a plane under the gluteus maximus fascia. This will give you the benefits of having decreased implant visibility, palpability, malposition, and long-term pain syndromes.

I want an Hourglass figure...

Unfortunately, butt augmentation with implants or with a Brazilian butt lift alone will not give you the hourglass figure you desire. A surgical hourglass figure is a result of liposculpting the waist, augmenting the buttocks with implants, and adding the harvested fat over the implant. Every patient has a different skeletal frame that may limit the extent to which an hourglass figure can be realistically attained. Dr. Morales will examine you and set a realistic expectation of what can be done.

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