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Breast Revision in Houston, TX

What Is A Breast Revision Surgery?

Thousands of women in Houston, TX make the decision each year to have breast augmentation with implants. While the majority of women are pleased with their augmentation results, some patients will decide to have the implants removed or replaced in a breast revision surgery. Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Rolando Morales, performs breast revision surgery to improve, remove, or replace existing implants that are either not functioning properly or is no longer aesthetically desirable. In addition, women who have had breast implants that have been in place for more than a decade may consider a breast revision surgery to replace older implants. Call one of our offices in Houston, TX, or fill out our online form to request a breast implant removal or revision consultation with Dr. Morales.

If you have any worries (either medical or cosmetic) about your breast implants, please schedule a consultative appointment with Dr. Morales to talk about your goals and to create your custom surgical plan. Whether it's scar tissue, drooping or sagging, rippling, or asymmetry, revision surgery can help correct the irregularity and result in a more pleasing and healthy outcome. This operation can also be appropriate if you want to alter the size or style of your implants, or address any other aspect of your breasts.

To be considered for a breast revision, you may have one of the following common reasons for this surgery:

  • Breast rippling - A ripple on a breast implant may be visible along the side or underneath the breasts. Mainly a concern in saline breast implants, breast rippling results in an unnatural appearance from the implant under the skin.

  • Bottoming out - A breast implant can bottom out at the base of the breast because of aging, gravity's pull, trauma to the chest area, or excessive scarring.

  • Capsular contracture - Scar tissue that forms around the implant can cause capsular contracture. The breast will feel hardened and unnatural. A capsulectomy will need to be performed to remove the scar tissue and implant and clear the way for a new implant to be placed. This can happen in one or both breasts.

  • Change in breast size - You may want to change the size of your implant because of the size to an implant that is smaller, larger, or no implant at all.

  • Ruptured implant - If a saline implant ruptures, the implant device will deflate due to the leakage of saline. This will result in an obvious deflating of the breasts. Silicone implant ruptures can only be seen through an MRI.

  • Double bubble - When the breast implant drops behind or drapes over the breasts, this can cause a doubled appearance. This is caused by improper breast implant placement or from a shift in position (severe capsular contracture).

  • Replacement of the current breast implants - Dr. Morales can change your current breast implants when your implants need to be exchanged out because of the implant material, the texture, a complication with one or both implants, or the desire to have a fat transfer instead.

  • Removal of the implants (without replacement) - At our practice, you can also have a breast revision surgery to have your breast implants removed altogether. Dr. Morales can remove the implants and tighten the skin around the breasts to create a natural look.

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$10,000.00 - $15,000.00

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1 Week

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2-3 Hours

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Your Breast Revision Surgery & Recovery

A breast revision can be performed by Dr. Morales in an outpatient setting while you are under general anesthesia. The length of your breast revision surgery will depend on which procedures are being performed for you and if scar tissue has to be removed. Dr. Morales will go into your revision procedure with a detailed surgical plan that you agree upon in the planning stages of your treatment. Once the revision is complete, you will recover with our post-op nurses until Dr. Morales discharges you.

Once you are home, you will have some of the same discomforts you had in the original surgery. Pain and bruising are very common. Dr. Morales will want you to try to move around several times a day (like a few short walks) to prevent the formulation of blood clots in your legs. This is common after surgery. Dr. Morales will be able to tell you when you can go back to work or when you can resume exercise after seeing how well you recover in your follow-up appointments. Most patients return to work within 2 – 4 weeks post-procedure.

Can You Transfer My Own Fat Instead Of A New Implant?

You could potentially have a fat transfer to your breasts if you qualify. You must have enough fat to donate for the breast size you wish to achieve. If you can, the fat can be harvested, purified, and transferred to your breasts. Dr. Morales can discuss your options with what you can accomplish with a fat transfer in your private consultation.

What If I Only Need Surgery On One Breast?

It is common to experience a complication in one breast implant at a time. Dr. Morales will make recommendations as to how to proceed if it is in your best interest to operate on both. He will want to make sure your breasts are symmetrical and look/feel as natural as possible.

Will There be More Scars On My Breasts After A Revision?

Incisions made for a breast revision can be placed within the existing scars. Dr. Morales will place incisions in well-hidden areas on your breast as much as possible. We can also prepare you with information on proper scar care treatments for skin in recovery to limit excessive breast skin scarring.

Can I choose a different implant size or type for my breast revision?

Yes, during your consultation, Dr. Morales will discuss your options for changing the size or type of your implants. Whether you're looking to go larger, smaller, or switch from saline to silicone (or vice versa), the goal is to ensure that the revised implants align with your aesthetic objectives and lifestyle.

How soon after my original breast augmentation can I get a revision?

The timing for a breast revision can vary depending on the reason for the revision. Generally, it's advisable to wait at least six months to a year after the initial surgery to allow for complete healing and settling of the implants. Dr. Morales will assess your specific situation and guide you on the best time to proceed with a revision.

Is breast revision surgery more complicated than the initial augmentation?

Breast revision surgery can be more complicated than initial breast augmentation due to factors such as scar tissue, the condition of the existing implants, and any complications that may have arisen since your first surgery. However, Dr. Morales is experienced in addressing these complexities to achieve a successful outcome.

Expected Cost

The cost for a breast revision will vary greatly, but on average, the fees range between $10,000 – $15,000. The final cost will depend on:

  • If the breast implants are being removed or replaced
  • If breast replacement is occurring with a silicone or saline breast implant
  • If any additional surgical technique will be needed (i.e. a capsulectomy or a breast lift)
  • If the implants were covered by a manufacturer warranty

Revision surgery for breast implants is a custom procedure tailored for your specific needs by Dr. Morales. If you notice a visible defect with your breast augmentation results or wish to change the look of your existing implants, we invite you to contact our Houston, TX office to schedule your appointment at Dr. Morales Plastic Surgery. There are many factors to consider, and Dr. Morales will perform a full physical examination, put together your revision options, and discuss realistic expectations.

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