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Pectoral Etching

Pectoral Etching in Houston, TX

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What is Pectoral Etching?

For many men, having well-defined pectoral muscles is a goal that sometimes cannot be acheived even after spending hours in the gym. Their desire to have additional shape and definition often leads them into the hands of a plastic surgeon. As one of the area's highly skilled board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr.  Rolando Morales helps men in Houston and outlying areas like Houston, TX gain confidence through pectoral etching surgery. Similar to abdominal etching, it uses liposuction to remove excess tissue from the breasts, but leaves a modest pad of fat to contrast the existing muscle. The result is a more defined look that accentuates the pectoral muscle.

Am I a Candidate for Pectoral Etching?

Candidates for a pectoral etching procedure are usually men who have tried to build, shape, and define their chest with diet, exercise, and weight lifting without seeing the results they want. The best candidates for pectoral etching also include older men who have a sagging chest or deflated chest from the effects of aging. Candidates should be in good overall health and committed to a lifestyle that includes a healthy diet and regular exercise.

During/After Surgery

Pectoral etching is an outpatient procedure performed under general anesthesia at a hospital or surgery center. The surgeon uses a small, tube-like device, called a cannula, to remove excess fat, and create a more visible definition of the pectoral muscles. The procedure can last between 1 and 2 hours. Following the surgery, patients are required to wear a compression garment for 2 week to reduce bruising and swelling. Most patients return to work within 1 week of surgery. Routine exercise should be avoided for several weeks until the bruising and swelling has subsided.

Expected Cost

Patients can expect to pay between $5,100 and $7,000 for pectoral etching surgery. The cost can increase depending on the additional costs for other cosmetic procedures, operating room, anesthesia and garments.

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Average Cost  
$7,000 - $9,000
Recovery Time  
3-5 Days
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1-2 Hours
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Pectoral Etching FAQs


Yes, some men choose the option to have pectoral implants. If patients do not have enough excess fat to sculpt, they have the option to receive pectoral implants. Patients can talk to the surgeon during the consultation to decide whether liposuction or implants are the best option.

Combine With Other Procedures?

Pectoral etching can be combined with other cosmetic procedures. Most men decide to combine pectoral and abdominal etching surgery to define their chest and abs. However, combining pectoral etching with other procedures will increase the cost of the surgery.

Can I Work Out?

Patients can return to routine exercise 2-3 weeks after surgery. Incisions in the chest need time to heal so bruising and swelling can subside. Wearing a compression garment can help speed up the recovery process.

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