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Here is the Real Cost of Breast Augmentation

By: Dr. Rolando Morales


As breast augmentation becomes more popular, it's important to be well-informed about the real cost of the surgery. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rolando Morales estimates that this procedure could cost as little as $4,000 or up to $12,000 based on many different factors.

At Morales Plastic Surgery, we advise patients to do their research and avoid trying to have the "cheapest" cosmetic surgery as this may impact results. Learn about the factors that influence the total cost of breast augmentation by reading below. Our Houston, TX office can provide more information about this topic as well as easy financing options during a consultation.

Who is performing my breast augmentation?

Patients should consider the background and credentials of their surgeon when estimating the cost of breast augmentation. A board-certified plastic surgeon with training in breast procedures is likely to cost more than a new surgeon just starting out. However, patients can be confident that a board-certified professional has the experience and skills needed to provide safe and beautiful results.

What kind of anesthesia do you use?

The average breast augmentation surgery generally takes 1 – 2 hours. During this time, a form of sedation or anesthesia may be used. General anesthesia is often necessary for breast augmentation, and this could add to the overall cost of the surgery. Some plastic surgeons also use a trained board-certified anesthesiologist to administer anesthesia, while others use a nurse anesthetist.

Where is breast augmentation performed?

Plastic surgeons can perform cosmetic surgery at a hospital or private surgical center. The cost of breast augmentation is generally more in a hospital setting, but this may be due to the higher level of care and safety offered. Hospitals are more fully prepared to deal with any emergency that may arise during the procedure.

Patients should always ask detailed questions about the facility where their breast augmentation will be performed. Morales Plastic Surgery recommends starting with these questions to see if a hospital or surgical center in Houston can safely accommodate their needs:

  • What kind of surgical equipment do you use during breast augmentation?

  • Where do you get the breast implants from?

  • Are the implants being handled correctly?

  • Are the instruments being properly processed and sterilized?

How can I afford breast augmentation?

We understand that cost is a barrier when it comes to breast augmentation, which is why Dr. Morales wants to help make this life-changing procedure more affordable and accessible. Morales Plastic Surgery is proud to offer many easy financing options, like CareCredit. If you have questions, our administrative team can review all financing solutions during a consultation. Our entire staff is dedicated to helping you find the best way to move forward.

Safe and affordable surgery

Breast augmentation is a highly personal cosmetic surgery, and each individual will have different questions and concerns about their procedure. If you want to learn about the costs involved with breast augmentation in Houston, TX, call our office to consult with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rolando Morales. Morales Plastic Surgery is passionate about helping patients improve their confidence and achieve their aesthetic goals in the safest and most accessible ways possible.

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