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Dual Plane Buttock Augmentation

Butt augmentation with the dual plane technique. What is it? What it is is a hybrid technique of a implant that's on top of the muscle and actually in the muscle. I developed it about two years ago. The idea of the augmentation is similar to in breast augmentation, in that the implant is placed in kind of a two spaces of the anatomy. In the breast augmentation, what we do, the implants are placed behind the muscle, as well as underneath the breast tissue at the bottom part of the breast. With a dual plane buttock augmentation it's actually reversed. The implant is placed into the muscle at the bottom part of the butt and on top of the muscle at the top part of the butt. What happens, it gives more of a longer lasting result and more of a natural result, in that the muscle supports the implant on the bottom in the longterm and at the top, the implant is able to kind of help improve the fullness of the upper part of the butt. You're able to get a little bit fuller implant than would you have to choice with a implant completely in the muscle or completely on top of the muscle. It was really more of advantage of both the hybårid technique. The recovery of dual plane on mutation with butt implants is basically two weeks. My patients are not allowed to sit on their butt, not able to squat, those kinds of movements for two weeks from surgery. That's the hardest part of the recovery. But once we get into two weeks, we start sitting protocol and we start advancing recovery and start increasing the activities of life, exercising, returning to work, driving. The implants for butt augmentation are different than breast implants. Breast implants is two structures really. There's a silicone bag and inside is the gel. Butt implants are completely different. There is a semi-solid piece of silicone. They're a lifetime prosthesis. They're formed in a mold with different shapes. I developed a technique to take advantage of that shape and the different forms of the implants. When the implants, as you place in the body, is able to give more of a natural result. The implant moves with the leg muscle and the butt muscle. It looks very fluid and very natural flowing.