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Morales Plastic Surgery – Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery

So recovery for a BBL in my hands, I feel it should be usually about a week. Okay, so at a week, you should expect to go back to work, sitting on normal soft cushions of the seat. In a bed, it's not going to affect the shape, it's not going to affect the volume. Sitting on hard surfaces like a church pew, first same amount of times will cause some problems. My patients are usually back to exercising around week three. And at two months, my patients are back to doing anything they want in life. Breast augmentation recovery time is usually about a week. So most women are back to work within five to seven days, light duty. Taking oral pain medicines, three to five days on average. I get them back into exercising with cardio and some light weight training around week three. And then at two months, I release them to full activity.