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Dr. Morales - Fitness Competition

I've exercised all my life and did weight training a lot when I was in Junior High and High School, I did power lifting, and in College, I met my wife in High School, and we went to College together, and we started weight training, kind of the power lifting thing. We enjoyed it, and probably about five years ago, my wife decided, "I'm going to do a bikini competition." That was pretty neat. It kind of gives a little more purpose to going to the gym. Weight training is not that hard. It's really the eating that's the hard part of dieting. Having that self control. I didn't think I could do it, but she had a really hard time with it that first time, and she said, "I think if you did it with me, we'd do it together better." We hit it off. I just enjoyed it. We'd weight train together, we'd prep together, we'd make our foods together on Sundays, we still do, and that's when I really kind of got into it. It started me out to sculpt the body, but to do it with weights over a long process, that to me is hard. And that's why I like it, because it's hard.