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Tummy Tuck

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A tummy tuck is one of the most powerful rejuvenating contouring surgeries that we can perform on women. Women who've had previous pregnancies and have complaints of extra skin, sagging loose skin and with decreased abdominal tone, muscle separation can commonly be repaired with a tummy tuck.

The most common request is liposuction of the abdomen. They feel like the removal of fat will improve the contour. It will make them a little bit flatter, smoother, but the problem is not the fat. The problem is the skin and the muscle separation and weakening. 

In the tummy tuck, we're able to address all three issues. Remove the fat, remove the extra skin and also tighten up and restore the contour and the tone of the abdomen. It's a very, very powerful procedure that once women have that surgery they understand that it's definitely worth it. 

Tummy tuck recover is one of the longest recoveries we have in plastic surgery. It's for a reason. The muscles repair requires a little bit more recovery time. That's the hard part. At two weeks we introduce them back into normal life activities or driving at two weeks. Typically my patients are returning to work at about three weeks from surgery. Then I return them back to exercise activities usually about six to eight weeks after surgery.

The expected cost of a tummy tuck typically ranges between eight to twelve thousand dollars. Again, it's very patient dependent. Every procedure's tailored and customized to each patient's needs, so it depends on how much reconstructive needs to be performed, how much muscle separation has occurred and how much extra skin has extended, needs to be removed. Sometimes hernia's are involved. When hernia's are involved it increases the price as well.