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Dr. Rolando Morales: Most plastic surgery practices,.... if you have a larger procedure, typically some kind of body contouring surgery or facial rejuvenation, the patients are staying overnight for observation, so that typically happens in an outpatient setting at a hospital surgery center. You definitely lose a lot of privacy in that type of setting.

Adelina Falfan: The staff is not trying to cater to patients that are VIPs that expect a lot for their money.

Dr. Rolando Morales: The exclusivity and less visibility is something that patients desire. We're able to offer that to them in our own private surgery center. We have your own private room, your own private nurse; everything is just very exclusive.

Adelina Falfan: We pay a lot of attention to detail. We control all the aspects in surgery and outside surgery. It works like a five-star hotel. Even though it's a medical facility, we care, and our customer service is very high.

Dr. Rolando Morales: Our surgery center is a AAAASF certified surgery center, which means has exceeded and met the highest level of standards for safety. We have two fully certified operating rooms. We have a recovery room with four post-recovery beds. We believe in safety as our priority. We use board certified anesthesiologists throughout our entire procedure, which is very rare within surgery centers in most outpatient surgery centers. We believe that an MD or physician with you the entire time during surgery meets and exceeds the safety standard for all surgery centers.

Adelina Falfan: Patients come to ACPS because they expect a lot, and that's what we deliver.