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What Is Voluma?

Dr. Rolando Morales has helped hundreds of men and women in Katy and surrounding Houston areas with quick, simple cosmetic treatments to achieve a more youthful look, the kind that family, friends, and colleagues can’t help but compliment. Request a consultation today or call to schedule your appointment.

Juvederm Voluma XC has revolutionized non-surgical restoration of midface volume loss secondary to the aging process. Voluma XC is a smooth injectable Hyalauronic acid filler that provides patients with immediate results. Voluma XC is the only non-surgical alternative to Cheek implants approved by the FDA.

As we age, the soft tissue of the midface becomes volume depleted and lax that can make patients look hollow with sunken cheeks. Restoring this volume loss in strategic places gives a healthier and improves facial proportions.

Your treatment results are dependent on the skill of the doctor administering your injections. Dr. Morales is skilled to perform his own injections and does so with outstanding outcomes.

Your treatment will begin with a gentle cleansing of the skin followed by the application of a topical anesthetic for your comfort. Dr. Morales has used all types of injections needles and has selected very fine needles to decrease patient discomfort. Most patients feel a minor sting from the injection, which may feel like an insect bite. Your treatment will usually take as little as 10 minutes.

Because Dr. Morales is a board-certified plastic surgeon, he can also help you with any plastic surgical questions you may have. He also may suggest additional treatments to address your current skin care issues or to help prevent skin damage. Voluma XC is also an excellent treatment to combine with BOTOX Cosmetic injections or Clear + Brilliant laser therapy to give Houston, TX area patients an overall nonsurgical facial rejuvenation that leaves the skin looking and feeling younger.

Two months ago I had a tummy tuck, lip and a breast augmentation with Dr. Morales. He is a phenomenal surgeon and his staff is amazing! I highly recommend him and there is no one else I would let do any future surgeries on me other than Dr. Morales!

K.D. Google

I recently had a breast augmentation with Dr. Morales. I'm currently one month post op and I couldn't be happier with the results. Dr Morales is an amazing skilled surgeon! I personally appreciate that not only is his knowledge in the industry top notch to include his staff are most helpful the entire practice but that they really puts their patients first and go out of their way to make you comfortable. Dr. Morales takes his time with his patients, he is kind and soft spoken, and allows you the patient to be the ones to ask the questions you need answers too. I did a lot of research in the Houston, TX area for a plastic surgeon that I felt I could trust. I am very pleased to have him as a doctor. I would really recommend him to anyone seeking to have a procedure. Dr. Morales and his staff also conduct a you tube video blog on some of the procedures he does. Check them out. You'd be surprised at what you learn prior to having a procedure done. Thanks for the ultimate 43thd birthday gift! Dr. Morales and Staff! You all are amazing!

B.C. Google

I recently had a tummy tuck with Dr. Morales and he is an outstanding surgeon, you can tell he loves what he does. He really puts every ounce into each procedure to ensure that all of your wants in the outcome are what you are looking for. He was extremely informative as well as understanding, and reassuring from my consultation all the way up to my 8 week post op visit. Not to mention that his bedside manner is impeccable. Linda is also extremely informative, patient, and is amazing about getting answers to your questions in a very timely manner. All of his assistants are super sweet, and listen to your concerns. I could not have chosen a better surgeon and team!!

M.M. Google

Dr. Morales has so much skill, knowledge, and attention to detail provided excellent results! I felt comfortable from our first visit when you took the time to answer all my questions and review all my options. Thank you for everything you have done this far and for making this big decision easier on myself. Dr. Morales is very trustworthy and doesn’t only want your money, but the best for you. I second this because 10 years ago I came to him for a procedure I wanted and he turned me away and assured me I could gain my results naturally and to wait till I really needed anything or weighed at least 130lbs. 😂🤣 . I am so happy with my results and if you are thinking about doing a procedure, don’t hesitate. Dr. Morales is the one!

L.M. Google

Bad experience, saddened by the results (gave me hip dips, didn’t target area I paid so much for)

V.Z. Google


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What to Expect

Because Voluma XC injections are so simple and easy, returning to work or normal social activities is no problem immediately following treatment. You should keep your head elevated for at least 4 hours after the treatment and avoid rubbing or touching the treatment area. Rarely, slight bruising or swelling may appear at the injection site and ice will reduce this affect.

Your Voluma XC results will usually be visible immediately, and may have a little swelling and/or bruising for a few days.  Voluma XC is reported to last up to 2 years or longer.

You won’t believe the results you can achieve until you see them for yourself.

Expected Cost

Voluma XC costs $1200 per 1 cc syringe.  Depending on the area and the extent of correction, two syringes may be recommended for optimal results.

About Us

Voluma XC is a smooth injectable Hyalauronic acid filler that provides patients with immediate results.  Voluma XC is the only non-surgical alternative to cheek implants approved by the FDA. 

As we age, the soft tissue of the midface becomes volume depleted and lax that can make patients look hollow with sunken cheeks. Restoring this volume loss in strategic places gives a healthier and improves facial proportions.

What Does XC Stand For?

The “XC” refers to xylocaine. By combining the anesthetic lidocaine with the filler, it reduces the discomfort during and after treatment.

Do Voluma XC Injections Hurt?

Dr. Morales personally injects Voluma XC in the office by appointment. A topical numbing cream is usually used to help with discomfort.

Voluma XC Side Effects?

After treatment, it is possible that you might have some swelling, redness, pain, bruising, or tenderness. Swelling may be more likely in patients under the age of 36, and bruising may be more likely in patients over the age of 35.

How Long Does Voluma XC Last?

Voluma XC is reported to last up to 2 years or longer.  In our experience, results of the standard hyaluronic acid filler products are quite consistent, all lasting an average of 6-9 months. Longevity of the product also depends on the skin quality and location where the product was injected.   Follow-up injections help maintain the results longer.  Many patients recognize their results for a full year or longer, however due to the individual and uniqueness of each patient, it is best not to suggest this will be true for all.

Is This Treatment Safe?

Voluma XC has been researched extensively for safety and efficacy. Major side effects are very rare.

Reasons Not To Use Voluma?

Patients should not use Voluma XC with allergies to lidocaine, certain microorganisms known as gram-positive bacteria and by people with previous bad allergies to drugs who have required in-hospital treatment. JUVEDERM should not be used by people with bleeding disorders, who are or may become pregnant, are breastfeeding, or under 18 years. Injections should not be made anywhere except the skin or just under the skin.

Voluma Recovery Time?

Patients are able to return to work or school immediately.  Some patients commonly choose to take the afternoon off to ice the area and decrease swelling.

What To Tell Dr Morales About?

Tell Morales Plastic Surgery if you have previously suffered from facial cold sores, so he may prescribe a medication to minimize recurrence. You should also tell him if you have recently used aspirin, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications, St. John’s wort, or high doses of vitamin E supplements, these agents may increase bruising and bleeding at the injection site.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.