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Will I Lose Nipple Sensation With Breast Augmentation?

By: Dr. Rolando Morales


When factors like pregnancy and natural aging cause your breasts to lose volume, breast surgery can improve your profile and restore your overall contours. Before undergoing breast augmentation, however, it is important for patients to be aware of the potential complications involved. Whatever your needs or goals, Morales Plastic Surgery in Houston, TX is here to help.

One of the complications associated with breast surgery is the potential loss of nipple sensation. Although this may seem concerning at first, working with a board-certified plastic surgeon, like Dr. Rolando Morales, can minimize that risk as much as possible. We can discuss the subject of breast augmentation recovery and more during a consultation. Contact our team to learn about our process.

What causes loss of nipple sensation?

First, you should know that the loss of nipple sensation is possible with any breast surgery, no matter the technique we use. Patients should not let this fear prevent them from getting the cosmetic procedure they want. This loss of nipple sensation is usually temporary and comes back several months after recovery. The degree of risk is based on several different factors, including:

  • Breast implant size: Women who opt for too-large breast implants may have a loss of nipple sensation. Dr. Morales can help you choose an implant size that will work best with your anatomy.

  • Breast implant incisions: Most surgical incisions are made along the breast crease, in the armpit, or around the areola. Breast implant incisions made around the areola are more likely to cause sensation loss.

  • Breast implant placement: Placing the implant behind or in front of the pectoral muscle may also affect your results. Our team can discuss the pros and cons of each option with you in the office.

How common is the loss of nipple sensation?

Retaining nipple sensitivity is a priority for many of our patients. While changes in nipple sensation are common after breast surgery, they typically resolve in just a short time. Most people will not experience any lasting problems as a result of their breast augmentation in Houston. In fact, some patients may even feel more sensitivity in the treated areas. In very rare cases, nipple sensation will not come back.

What can I do to ease discomfort?

As we mentioned, some women will experience an increase in nipple sensation after implants. This is because the breast implant can stretch out the underlying nerves that give sensation to the nipple. If this causes irritation or discomfort during breast augmentation recovery, Dr. Morales can offer simple ways to feel more comfortable at home. If you are concerned about hypersensitivity or have any questions about breast implant incisions, get in touch with our office.

Learn more about breast augmentation recovery

Breast augmentation is the perfect way to improve the size and shape of your breasts. Dr. Rolando Morales has made breast surgery one of our primary focuses so women can have a boost of self-esteem and confidence. During breast augmentation in Houston, TX, we take every precaution to make sure your procedure is a success. To learn about breast augmentation recovery and loss of nipple sensation, call Morales Plastic Surgery for an assessment today.

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