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Will Ab Etching Look Fake?

By: Dr. Rolando Morales


A well-defined midsection is considered a sign of good health and fitness. While there are many ways to achieve a six-pack, one popular approach is abdominal etching. This procedure involves using high-definition liposuction to give patients a more muscular and athletic appearance.

Some people in Houston have raised concerns that ab etching can look fake or unnatural. It depends on the experience of your surgeon and the techniques used. Below, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rolando Morales examines these concerns and provides his expert opinion. Call Morales Plastic Surgery to see how abdominal sculpting can give you the washboard abs you have always wanted.

What are the benefits of abdominal etching?

Crunches and planks can only take you so far. Even the most consistent exercise programs cannot achieve the level of definition some people desire. Abdominal etching uses special liposuction techniques to create a more defined appearance. Dr. Morales can remove or thin out excess fat from the abdominal area to provide a number of benefits, such as:

  • Improved definition and contour

  • More attractive body profile

  • Increased self-confidence

  • A six-pack you can be proud of

Does abdominal sculpting cause poor results?

Some people have had bad experiences with abdominal etching, and results can look fake if not done properly. This is why patients must be diligent in their research and choose a qualified surgeon who is experienced in the latest procedures and techniques in the industry. They also deeply understand male and female anatomy and know where to sculpt for best results.

Not all surgeons are created equal. Dr. Morales is a board-certified plastic surgeon and has performed countless successful ab etching procedures. He has even corrected poor results from other surgeons.

What happens during abdominal etching?

Abdominal sculpting begins with a consultation with Dr. Morales at our facility in Houston. We will perform a thorough exam and learn about you and your aesthetic goals. Candidates for ab etching are near their goal weight and desire six-pack abs or a washboard stomach. It is important to be an ideal candidate, or surgery may lead to unsatisfactory results.

We begin the procedure by marking the abdomen with a surgical pen to indicate the areas of treatment. Morales Plastic Surgery uses a tumescent liposuction technique to remove and sculpt fatty tissue beneath the skin. Incisions are made in natural contours to minimize scarring. Our goal is to bring out your natural anatomy and create an athletic look.

How do I maintain my ab etching results?

Patients should follow any post-operative instructions provided by Dr. Morales to ensure safe outcomes and natural-looking results. This may include wearing a compression garment and avoiding strenuous activity for several weeks. You can return to normal activities once the initial healing process is complete.

Once the excess fat is removed, it's gone. However, you will need to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine to keep your results looking their best. Many of our abdominal etching patients are naturally athletic and have no problem maintaining their outcomes long-term.

Get a natural six-pack with abdominal etching

Do you want a more muscular or fit appearance? Are you unhappy with your current definition or abdominal contours? Abdominal sculpting in Houston may be the answer. Contact Morales Plastic Surgery and see how we can help you achieve a six-pack. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rolando Morales has the experience and expertise to help you look and feel your best.

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