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What Should I Do the Night Before Surgery?

By: Dr. Rolando Morales


The night before a cosmetic procedure, you may be feeling anxious and excited thinking about how your look may change and how much more confident you’ll be going forward. Amidst all of this excitement, there are a number of important things to prepare in order to ensure a safe and successful procedure and a smooth recovery. In this blog, you’ll find helpful pre-surgery tips and instructions from top Houston, TX board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rolando Morales.

Preparing for cosmetic surgery

As you count down the weeks and days to your cosmetic procedure, you may have a long to-do list of work projects and household chores to get done prior to surgery. To give yourself the opportunity to enjoy the surgery and recovery process without having to worry about day-to-day tasks, consider these helpful surgery preparations in the month before your procedure:

  • Book time off of work
  • Stock up on healthy snacks and drinks
  • Prepare make-ahead freezer meals
  • Line up help with the children
  • Consider having your house deep cleaned
  • Queue up your favorite shows and movies to stream
  • Get caught up on paperwork and bills

Things to do the night before cosmetic surgery

Once you have tied up all of your loose ends at work and around the house, it’s time to start getting excited about your upcoming procedure! With most of your larger tasks completed, you’ll be able to focus on preparing your body, mind, and surroundings for the upcoming surgery and recovery period. In the 24 hours leading up to cosmetic surgery, consider the following:

  • Get one last good workout/exercise session in
  • Eat a healthy, balanced meal
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Do not drink alcohol
  • Minimize caffeine intake
  • Do not smoke
  • Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before your surgery (or as directed)
  • Adjust your medications as directed (under your doctor’s supervision)
  • Take any pre-surgery medications as directed
  • Remove nail polish and jewelry as advised
  • Take a good shower or bath
  • Do not use lotions or perfumes
  • Lay out a loose, comfortable outfit to travel to and from surgery in
  • Prepare your bed or recovery area with plenty of pillows, blankets, and comforting items
  • Pick up your prescriptions and have them ready and organized
  • Get a good night’s sleep

What to expect the day of cosmetic surgery

Depending on the procedure(s) being performed and other factors, you may be asked to arrive at the hospital or surgical facility a few hours early to get checked in and prepped for surgery. If you are having a procedure that requires general anesthesia, like a mommy makeover or a breast augmentation, you’ll be given an IV. Once you’ve changed into your surgical gown and have been appropriately prepped, you’ll be wheeled to the operating room, and the general anesthesia will be administered.

Following surgery, you’ll be taken to the recovery room, where you’ll slowly wake up from your anesthesia. Dr. Morales and our recovery staff will monitor you for an hour or two and review your postsurgical instructions with you and your trusted friend or loved one, who will then drive you home to continue your recovery once Dr. Morales has discharged you. In the following weeks and months, you’ll be able to resume your daily activities and begin to enjoy your new and improved look. With all the preparations you made in the weeks and days leading up to your surgery, you’ll have set yourself up for a smooth, comfortable, and successful recovery.

Reinvent yourself with cosmetic surgery in Houston, TX

If you have been thinking about getting cosmetic surgery to improve your face or body, there’s no better time than now to take the plunge. Give yourself a holiday treat this year by calling Morales Plastic Surgery in Houston, TX to schedule your private consultation with nationally recognized board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rolando Morales today, and learn more about the life-changing possibilities of cosmetic surgery.

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