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What Kind of Cleavage Can I Expect After A Breast Augmentation?

By: Dr. Rolando Morales


Breast augmentation is a procedure many women undergo to enhance the shape and size of their breasts. But what kind of cleavage can you expect after surgery? Because each woman’s body is different, the amount of cleavage you achieve may vary.

Many women are curious about what breast augmentation will do to their bodies. In this post, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rolando Morales will take a look at what factors affect cleavage and give you some tips on how to flaunt your new look. Keep reading to learn more, or call Morales Plastic Surgery in Houston for a cosmetic consultation.

What factors affect my breast cleavage?

Many people mistake cleavage for breast size or cup size. Actually, cleavage refers to the space in between your breasts. Breasts that are farther apart are considered to have less cleavage, while breasts that are closer together have more. Women love having extra cleavage because it helps make their breasts appear fuller and more rounded. Clothes can fit more flatteringly as well.

Cleavage is determined by the natural width of your chest bone, which is determined by your genes. If you have a small amount of cleavage, breast implants can help. But there may be limitations to how much cleavage you can achieve. Dr. Morales can let you know what is possible during a breast augmentation consultation in Houston.

Can breast augmentation help with cleavage?

Breast implants do allow your breast tissue to be placed more centrally, which creates more cleavage. But how much is possible depends on factors, like:

  • The space between your breasts

  • Your chest bone width

  • The size and shape of your implants

When breast implants alone are not enough to create the appearance you want, Dr. Morales can offer fat grafting to women with wider chest bones. Our fat grafting technique adds fat to the middle part of the breast to give the illusion of a fuller cleavage. The added benefit of fat grafting is that we use liposuction to remove unwanted excess fat from another area of the body.

Because each woman is different, results do vary by patient. However, with a board-certified plastic surgeon, like Dr. Morales, you can be confident that you’ll get the gorgeous results you desire.

How can I give myself more cleavage?

You can use a few simple tricks at home to make your cleavage look bigger and more noticeable after breast augmentation. One of the easiest ways is to wear a little extra padding or a push-up bra. Push-up bras are made to push the breasts together and make it look like there’s more volume in the center of your chest.

If your cleavage is still too subtle, you may want to try playing up your decolletage. Professional makeup artists recommend using cosmetics to create contours and shadows in the area to make your cleavage look more defined. Makeup can draw attention upward and toward the center of your chest, so you appear curvier and more shapely.

Improve your cleavage with implants

Cleavage is something many women strive for in Houston, TX. If you’re ready to enhance your cleavage, schedule a breast augmentation consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rolando Morales. Our trained team at Morales Plastic Surgery will help you decide if breast implants and fat grafting techniques can help give you the appearance you want.

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