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What Happens if I Get Pregnant After Ab Etching?

By: Dr. Rolando Morales


Abdominal etching improves the appearance of the abdomen by sculpting and contouring the underlying muscles. This unique surgery provides a number of benefits, including a defined six-pack that looks great in form-fitting clothing and swimwear.

Many women are nervous about the possibility of pregnancy ruining their results from ab etching in Houston, TX. While it is true that pregnancy can cause some changes in the body, this doesn't need to be a concern with the proper precautions and expert care.

Below, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rolando Morales explains how abdominal etching works and provides tips for maintaining your beautiful new figure long after surgery. Call Morales Plastic Surgery to discuss the possibilities.

How abdominal etching works

Abdominal etching is also called high-definition (HD) liposuction – a form of liposuction that targets and removes fat cells from around the muscles. The purpose is to make the muscles appear more sculpted and toned.

HD liposuction is especially popular among men and women who desire six-pack abs. Dr. Morales often performs this procedure on athletes and competing bodybuilders to help them achieve the physique they desire in Houston, TX.

Our team begins surgery by making small incisions within the natural contours of the abdomen. We then thin out or remove fat from some areas while rearranging or adding volume in others. Dr. Morales strives to create smooth and natural-looking results whenever possible.

The best candidates for abdominal etching

The ideal candidate for ab etching is someone who is in good overall health and at their ideal weight. Many patients at Morales Plastic Surgery are already fit but could use a little boost in the abdominal area. HD liposuction is not a weight-loss solution, so those who are significantly overweight are not good candidates.

Pregnancy and HD liposuction

As mentioned, abdominal etching removes fat cells from the body to improve muscle definition. Once these cells are gone, they cannot come back – this is because we are born with a set number of fat cells that cannot be replenished.

However, it is possible for the body to store fat in different ways after undergoing HD liposuction. This is why we recommend maintaining a consistently healthy lifestyle after surgery to keep your six-pack long-term.

Pregnancy can also cause changes in the appearance of your abdomen – stretch marks, loose skin, and increased fat deposits are all common. However, this doesn't mean that your outcomes from ab etching are ruined.

In most cases, the changes caused by pregnancy are temporary and will improve with time. If you are concerned about your results after having children, we recommend waiting until you are done having kids before undergoing abdominal etching.

If you do get pregnant...

Dr. Morales does offer revision surgery for patients who could use a touch-up after events like pregnancy and weight gain alter their appearance. Revision procedures are common and can be performed to improve the results of any previous cosmetic surgery. Our team can help determine the best course of action during a consultation.

Get a defined six-pack with ab etching

Pregnancy does not mean that your results from abdominal etching are ruined. If you have concerns about keeping your six-pack after starting your family, revision surgery may be an option. Learn about HD liposuction by calling to meet Dr. Rolando Morales at Morales Plastic Surgery. Our Houston, TX team knows how to provide the personalized care you need.

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