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The Different Placement Planes for Breast Augmentation

By: Dr. Rolando Morales


Breast augmentation is a great way to enhance your figure and combat the effects of aging and pregnancy. If you have been researching this cosmetic surgery in Houston, you may have come across words such as subglandular or submuscular. Dual plane augmentation is another phrase that often confuses patients. All of these terms have to do with breast implant placement at Morales Plastic Surgery.

Prior to breast augmentation, you will meet with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rolando Morales to discuss your procedure. It is our goal to educate patients about the process, including which breast implants are best and where they should be placed. Below, you can read about the pros and cons of subglandular placement, submuscular placement, and dual plane augmentation. Call for an assessment to learn more.

Subglandular placement

Subglandular placement refers to breast implants that are located under the breast tissue and on top of the chest muscle. While this surgery is less invasive and easier to perform, there are some downsides to this technique. Patients have a higher risk of developing a condition called capsular contracture. This is caused by our body’s reaction to foreign material. Patients may experience a squeezing sensation and feeling of discomfort. In addition, gravity may cause subglandular implants to become less pleasing over time because they become saggier even faster.

Submuscular placement

Submuscular placement means that the implants are placed beneath the breast tissue and muscle. The muscle helps support the breast implant and minimizes post-surgical complications. Of course, the recovery time associated with this cosmetic surgery in Houston may be a bit longer. With submuscular procedures, the implants are placed a little higher, so your breasts may not move as naturally when compared with other techniques. Patients should also be advised about any workouts or exercises that may affect the appearance of their breasts after surgery.

Dual plane augmentation

Dr. Morales usually recommends dual plane augmentation to patients for a number of reasons. In this procedure, the upper portion of the implant is placed under the muscle, while the lower portion of the implant lies over the muscle. This hybrid method allows the breast implants to be covered by more soft tissue, making your results appear completely natural. Patients are also less likely to see the edges of the implant through the skin. And because our breast muscle is not susceptible to the effects of gravity, you do not have to worry about the implants sagging too much over time.

With dual plane breast augmentation, you can enjoy the benefits of subglandular and submuscular implant placement. These advantages include:

  • Breast implants are more supported

  • Patients enjoy a natural and fuller appearance

  • Implants are less susceptible to rippling

Get cosmetic surgery in Houston

You may have already guessed how the professionals at Morales Plastic Surgery feel about dual plane augmentation. We believe this technique truly provides some of the best results possible. Dr. Rolando Morales can also personalize your outcomes based on your current breast tissue and cosmetic goals. If you have questions about subglandular placement, submuscular placement, or dual plane augmentation in Houston, TX, call for your appointment today. Our staff can explain the process in full.

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