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Is Recovery Longer For Breast Augmentation With a Breast Lift?

By: Dr. Rolando Morales


Breast augmentation has become the most well-known form of cosmetic surgery in the U.S. Many women desire implants to achieve fuller breasts, while others are interested in lift surgery to raise their breasts to a perkier position. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rolando Morales can perform a combination surgery to give you natural-looking outcomes in Houston, TX.

Although recovery is not necessarily longer if you get breast augmentation and lift surgery at the same time, many factors can affect your timeline. The key to successful healing is following all postoperative care instructions and attending all follow-up appointments at Morales Plastic Surgery. Learn more about recovery after breast lift and augmentation by scheduling your assessment.

Should I get breast augmentation with lift?

Breast implants give your silhouette a fuller and more attractive appearance. Implants by themselves, however, cannot necessarily address sagging or downward-pointing breasts. Breast lift surgery addresses loose skin and repositions the nipples, so the breasts seem higher and lifted. Women who have been affected by aging, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or significant weight loss may want to consider a combination surgery for an overall rejuvenated look. Dr. Morales can determine the best way to move forward based on your needs and cosmetic goals.

Breast surgery recovery stages

You should expect breast surgery recovery to occur in stages. It is difficult to give an exact timeline without knowing your medical background or history of healing. However, most people will see results once the initial swelling and inflammation have subsided. You may even return to daily activities within a few weeks, depending on your situation.

Almost immediately after breast augmentation with lift surgery, you will feel sore and drowsy. Your breasts may be wrapped in a medical compression garment. Our office can give you an injection of EXPAREL, a long-lasting pain medication that offers relief for as long as 72 hours. We find that this helps patients in Houston, TX feel more comfortable.

The first few days of recovery are crucial. As mentioned, patients should follow their recovery guidelines, which include taking care of the healing tissue. We also encourage you to eat well and stay properly hydrated. A designated caregiver can help keep you on your medication schedule and stock up on nutritious foods.

Factors that affect recovery

As we mentioned, there are many factors that affect your recovery timeline after breast augmentation with lift surgery. These are just a few examples below:

  • Age and genetics: We understand patients cannot control factors, like natural aging and inherited traits. Both can impact how quickly your body bounces back after surgery.

  • Care of surgical sites: Patients can avoid complications by cleaning and covering the healing tissue. Please contact our office if you notice any signs of infection.

  • Pushing yourself too hard: Returning to strenuous activities too soon can damage the skin and underlying tissues. Dr. Morales can give you a timeline for when you can return to normal exercise.

Learn more about breast surgery recovery

While breast surgery and recovery can vary greatly among patients, the trusted staff at Morales Plastic Surgery does our best to prepare each person for the process. Contact Dr. Rolando Morales to learn about recovery after breast lift and augmentation and schedule a comprehensive consultation. We are dedicated to ensuring you get the natural and uplifted results you want from breast surgery in Houston, TX.

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