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How to Optimize Your Cleavage After Breast Augmentation

By: Dr. Rolando Morales


Women undergo breast augmentation for many reasons, such as improving breast size and shape. However, there is another popular request we hear at Morales Plastic Surgery. Patients also want to learn how to get fuller-looking cleavage. Some people even wear push-up bras and tighter-fitting clothing to achieve this desired effect.

If you are interested in enhanced cleavage, implants may produce the look you want. Even so, it is best to speak with a board-certified plastic surgeon, like Dr. Rolando Morales. At our facility in Houston, TX, we can inform you about the details of breast augmentation surgery and what determines breast cleavage.

What determines breast cleavage?

Most people confuse cleavage with cup size. They believe that the larger the breasts, the more cleavage they achieve. So, what determines breast cleavage? This term actually refers to the gap or distance between the breasts. The predominant factor of cleavage is the width of your chest bone, or sternum. A wider gap causes less cleavage, while a narrower gap gives you more.

If your breasts are spaced far apart before breast augmentation, this will continue to be the case after surgery. The same can be said for women with breasts that are close together. Because everyone’s personal anatomy is different, we cannot guarantee improved cleavage for each patient. That said, implants may still give you gorgeous results.

Patients should have realistic expectations when it comes to breast augmentation and cleavage. This is because the natural shape of your body determines how much cleavage you have. Attempting to force cleavage through breast implants may result in poor outcomes. During a consultation, Dr. Morales can help you understand what plastic surgery can and cannot do in Houston, TX.

What happens with overly close implants

It may seem like placing the breast implants closer together can optimize your cleavage. However, when implants are placed too close to one another, this can result in complications. The breasts may appear joined together due to a condition called symmastia. This issue is usually known as “uni-boob” and creates uncomfortable and unnatural-looking results. While symmastia is uncommon, it does need to be treated through revision surgery.

How we optimize cleavage

Despite the fact that so many women have undergone breast augmentation surgery, there is still much misinformation circulating online. Instead of reading about breast augmentation and cleavage in online forums or groups, we recommend speaking with a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience.

In our initial assessment, Dr. Morales can listen to your goals and discuss what to expect following surgery. We know how to get fuller-looking cleavage without placing the implants too close together. Our office considers many different factors to determine your final natural outcomes. This includes overall tissue laxity and the distance between your breasts.

Learn about breast augmentation and cleavage

Do you feel that your breasts and cleavage could use some enhancement? You may benefit from breast augmentation surgery. By taking into account your individual anatomy, Dr. Rolando Morales can achieve wonderful results. Learn how to get fuller-looking cleavage by scheduling an appointment with Morales Plastic Surgery. Our staff in Houston, TX is dedicated to education and providing you with the right resources.

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