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How to Maintain Body Lift Results After Massive Weight Loss Surgery

By: Dr. Rolando Morales


A body lift is a cutting-edge procedure that removes excess skin and fat from different areas of the upper and lower body. Patients who lose more than 100 pounds after bariatric surgery love this treatment because it redefines the body and gives them a more pleasing shape. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rolando Morales does this by tightening the remaining tissue and removing any extra fatty deposits.

Many people have questions about body lift surgery because they aren't sure how to keep their results long-term. The best body lift candidate is a patient who is committed to maintaining their new look and also understands the importance of working with a professional. If you're interested in body sculpting, call Morales Plastic Surgery in Houston for an assessment. We can ensure your success for years to come.

How does a body lift work?

After losing 100 pounds or more, patients struggle with sagging or hanging skin. They often lack the confidence they once had and hide their new weight loss results under baggy clothing. Excess skin can also cause problems like rashes or skin irritation. A body lift is very involved and requires an experienced surgeon, like Dr. Morales, to ensure optimal results. This procedure removes the remaining skin and some areas of fat, so patients have a more sculpted look.

How can I prevent weight gain after surgery?

Some people do struggle with maintaining their weight after surgery. This is due to factors like lack of motivation, low self-esteem, or not having the right information or resources about how to stick with a weight loss routine. The key is finding out what works for you and your lifestyle so you can stay focused. There's no complicated answer –while your body sculpting goals may change over time, staying active and eating a healthy diet is the best way to maintain your new look.

What diet and exercise tips should I follow?

There are no specific diet and exercise recommendations after body lift surgery because each patient has different needs. Dr. Morales can provide a general list of rules based on your current health in Houston. You can also speak with an experienced nutritionist or personal trainer who can work with you after recovering from surgery. Here are some tips to follow in the meantime:

  • Drink water to stay hydrated and keep your energy up.

  • Eat a balanced diet with fresh fruits, vegetables, proteins, and whole grains.

  • Create an exercise regimen that is sustainable for your lifestyle. Start small and work your way up to find a routine that works for you. Many of our patients enjoy activities like running, swimming, weight training, and yoga.

  • Take it easy on yourself, and don't try to tackle everything at once. Be realistic about what you can achieve and forgive yourself if you happen to fall short sometimes.

Keep your body sculpting results

It may not seem easy to maintain the results of body lift surgery. But with some planning and determination, you can make it happen! Call Morales Plastic Surgery to meet with Dr. Rolando Morales and learn how to keep your figure in check. We can share weight loss tips and advice after body sculpting in Houston.

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