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How Much Breast Fat Will I Lose During Prep For a Bodybuilding Show?

By: Dr. Rolando Morales


Men and women alike prepare for competitive bodybuilding shows by gaining muscle mass and losing excess fat through diet and exercise. However, one of the downsides of bodybuilding in women is the gradual loss of breast tissue. Of course, it is difficult to determine how much breast fat you will lose while prepping for a bodybuilding show. You can read more about the details below.

After women lose breast fat, they sometimes seek breast augmentation surgery to enhance their breasts and achieve a feminine look. As a board-certified plastic surgeon and bodybuilder himself, Dr. Rolando Morales can provide custom recommendations during a consultation in Houston, TX. Schedule an appointment to learn how we create beautiful breast enhancements for women with athletic builds.

How women lose breast fat through bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is a competitive sport that requires athletes to make drastic changes to their appearance. Muscle definition is achieved through a strict diet and exercise plan while preparing for a show. As women lose fat through bodybuilding, they may also notice a reduction in breast size naturally.

So, how much breast fat can a woman expect to lose before a show? It’s hard to tell without an evaluation! How much fat you lose actually depends on several factors:

  • Your current body fat percentage

  • Your personal diet and exercise plan

  • Your natural breast tissue

When you attend a consultation, Dr. Morales can perform an assessment and give you a more accurate estimate. For example, some women lose breast fat and go from a D or double-D cup down to a C during peak preparation.

What kind of breast implants do I need?

Women seek breast augmentation for many reasons. Some people want to restore lost volume from breastfeeding, while others have naturally small breasts they want to enhance. Our bodybuilder patients get implants when their workout routine causes a reduction in breast size naturally. As with any other plastic surgery in Houston, an examination is necessary to determine which options best suit your needs.

Morales Plastic Surgery provides saline-filled and silicone implants in a range of sizes and styles. Our recommendations are based on your body measurements and goals. Modest implants are a good match for women with muscular frames and less body fat. However, larger implants may be required to create proportionate results.

Generally, we may recommend silicone implants because they most resemble the look and feel of actual breasts. They are also preferred in women who do not have enough natural tissue to conceal the implant. Dr. Morales is here to guide you through the process, no matter what you decide.

Breast augmentation for bodybuilders

Each year, countless bodybuilders commit to stepping on stage after months of hard work and preparation. The team at Morales Plastic Surgery wants to make sure you are fully prepared at every stage of the process. If you notice a reduction in breast size naturally due to bodybuilding techniques, speak with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rolando Morales. Our clinic is experienced in working with female bodybuilders in Houston, TX. Breast augmentation surgery could give you a boost of confidence when entering competitions.

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