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How Have Cosmetic Surgeons Improved Scars from Plastic Surgery?

By: Dr. Rolando Morales


Traditional plastic surgery, like breast augmentation and tummy tucks, requires incisions to produce pleasing cosmetic results. However, many factors determine the shape and size of the resulting scar. Some patients avoid the procedures they want altogether because they are afraid of potential scarring.

If you feel intimidated by surgical scars, you can rest easy in the hands of a board-certified professional in Houston, TX. Dr. Rolando Morales does his best to educate patients about incision placement and scar management after plastic surgery. Learn about our methods below or contact Morales Plastic Surgery for an assessment.

About plastic surgery scars

Scars are a natural part of our healing process. After making an incision in the skin, our bodies produce collagen to heal and strengthen the area over time. Plastic surgery scars often seem red or discolored at first, then gradually fade as the incision heals. Eventually, the skin at the edges of the wound come together to form a pale, thin line. There are a few factors that influence the appearance of scars:

  • Age

  • Ethnicity

  • Genetics

  • The size of the incision

  • The depth of the incision

Houston cosmetic surgeons approach scars differently than other kinds of doctors. There is a lot we can do to optimize scar appearance and quality. For example, Dr. Morales always places incisions in inconspicuous places whenever possible. We also provide comprehensive instructions for scar care at home. During your initial consultation, we can discuss incision placement and how we plan on maximizing the healing process.

What incision technique do you use?

Incisions always depend on the type of plastic surgery being performed. With that in mind, Morales Plastic Surgery often uses the layered closure technique using absorbable sutures. This combination is designed to provide long-lasting support. We create layers of sutures beginning at the base of the wound to the surface of the skin. Our patients in Houston, TX experience less tension and pulling on the surface of the skin because of this technique.

Silicone scar therapy

Medical studies have shown the benefits of using silicone to improve the appearance of plastic surgery scars. Silicone can prevent problems, such as raised skin, while reducing the thickness and texture of scarring. Morales Plastic Surgery uses silicone scar therapy at the two-month mark to give you the best outcomes possible. Our regimen includes silicone gel and strips to make your scars thinner and lighter in a shorter amount of time.

Some of our patients are tempted to go through recovery as quickly as possible. However, we like to remind patients that scar management after plastic surgery is important. By investing in a small time commitment now, you can be more satisfied with your results. More than that, taking good care of your skin following surgery decreases your risk of itching, discomfort, or even infection. You can hear more about our personal recommendations by calling our team.

Visit a Houston cosmetic surgeon

We understand that the concept of scarring can make you think twice about getting plastic surgery. Following any cosmetic procedure with Morales Plastic Surgery, you will go through a custom recovery process based on your needs and desired results. Houston cosmetic surgeon Dr. Rolando Morales can teach you several safe and effective techniques for scar management after plastic surgery. Simply contact us to learn more.

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