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How Does Dual Plane Buttock Augmentation Differ from Butt Implants?

By: Dr. Rolando Morales


Shapely buttocks are a common sign of youth and beauty. Unfortunately, our bottoms tend to flatten out as we get older. This can make anyone appear older or feel less attractive. If you desire buttock enhancement, there are several ways to improve your appearance, including silicone buttock implants and a special technique called dual plane buttock augmentation.

Want to get that great backside you have always dreamed of? Speak with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rolando Morales. Whether you want a dramatic enhancement or a subtle lift, we can compare your options and give you desirable results. Call Morales Plastic Surgery in Houston, TX to learn about our procedures as well as the associated recovery time.

About silicone buttock implants

There are many advantages to getting buttock augmentation with silicone buttock implants. An enhanced buttocks can balance out your other features, such as your breasts or hips. More importantly, patients feel more at ease in their bodies. As you may have guessed from the name, implants involve the use of a gel-like, silicone material. During this procedure, a plastic surgeon makes an incision in the buttocks to create a pocket for the implants. Incisions are made in natural creases that are difficult to notice.

How dual plane buttock augmentation works

Dual plane buttock augmentation is a special technique created by Dr. Morales in Houston. In surgery, we place the implant in the muscle of the upper and lower poles of the buttocks. We then employ a buttock fat grafting procedure to provide soft tissue coverage in the area. This is what results in natural-looking outcomes.

The implants used in butt augmentation are actually different than traditional implants. Our semi-solid implants are a lifetime prosthesis that moves along with the leg and buttock muscles. Patients feel free to participate in workouts and other activities as normal once the recovery period is over. The buttock implants should not get in the way of your lifestyle.

Who should get dual plane buttock augmentation?

To ensure each person receives the best and safest outcomes, Dr. Morales performs a detailed history and examination. This information, along with your personal goals and desires, is taken into consideration when creating your treatment plan. We will also learn about your BMI to make sure there is enough tissue available for buttock fat grafting. Morales Plastic Surgery can show you before and after photos so you know exactly what to expect.

Following dual plane buttock augmentation, patients can go home with a trusted family member or friend. It is important to follow all post-surgical instructions and guidelines to ensure your results are long-lasting. Remember to schedule follow-up appointments as needed and do not directly sit on your buttocks for a set period of time. Once the implants begin to soften, they will settle into a more desirable position on the body.

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Creating fullness in your buttocks can make your figure look more balanced and proportionate. It can even give you a much-needed boost in self-confidence. Dr. Rolando Morales is excited to provide patients with dual plane buttock augmentation, a combination of silicone implants and buttock fat grafting. Call Morales Plastic Surgery to schedule a buttocks consultation to learn what we have to offer in Houston, TX.

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