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Female Ab Etching May Be an Option When Diet and Exercise Isn't Enough

By: Dr. Rolando Morales


Washboard abs are among the most common goals for women who lead active lives. However, many fail to get the results they want because some fat pockets are resistant to diet and exercise. Others don’t have time to go to the gym every day. Morales Plastic Surgery can offer real definition in the abdominal area through cutting-edge liposuction techniques.

Abdominal etching gives women the opportunity to appear leaner and more fit without putting in more effort. Learn about the freedom that comes with female ab etching by scheduling a private consultation in Houston, TX. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rolando Morales can discuss your goals for getting a well-defined six-pack.

Candidates for female ab etching

You may think that active women already have pronounced abdominal muscles. Actually, it’s normal to miss out on six-pack abs because of small but persistent fat pockets in the abdomen. Ideal candidates for abdominal etching already participate in a regular diet and exercise program but need a little extra help to complete their cosmetic goals. Abdominal etching is also a great tool for female athletes and professional bodybuilders who live active lives but don’t have time to work out every day.

Qualifications for abdominal etching include people who:

  • Are athletic and exercise regularly

  • Don’t have time to work out every day

  • Have trouble achieving washboard abs

  • Have healthy muscle and skin tone

  • Have realistic expectations about their outcomes

How abdominal etching is performed

Abdominal etching is popular for both men and women. During your consultation in Houston, however, Dr. Morales will create a custom treatment plan based on your needs and unique physical build. Our team begins female ab etching by making detailed markings on the abdomen while the muscles are in a flexed position. Small incisions give us access to the treatment area, where fat is removed or thinned away. We then accentuate your muscles and make them appear more refined before finishing the procedure.

Spending time in recovery

Patients will need to spend some time in recovery before fully enjoying their new washboard abs. The administrative team at Morales Plastic Surgery can provide detailed information about healing and schedule follow-up appointments as needed. Most women can return to normal activities within one week. Of course, it may take several weeks before athletes and bodybuilders can perform strenuous activities. We recommend wearing a medical compression garment during this time to speed the process.

When can I see my results?

You'll see the full results of your abdominal etching procedure as side effects, like swelling and inflammation, subside. Your outcomes should remain long-term as long as you continue to live a healthy lifestyle after treatment. As a bodybuilder himself, Dr. Morales can offer tips and advice for keeping your six-pack abs on a long-term basis. Whether you want to show off your figure or improve your self-confidence, abdominal etching gives you a well-defined midsection and allows you to enjoy peak physical fitness.

Abdominal etching gives women the following results:

  • Less abdominal fat

  • Slimmer waistline

  • More defined abs

Get six-pack abs

When endless workouts and a healthy diet are not enough to address stubborn fat around the abdomen, it’s time to try a different approach. Dr. Rolando Morales has the skill and experience to perform special liposuction techniques to define your abs without invasive plastic surgery. Discover the process for yourself when calling for an appointment at Morales Plastic Surgery. Our Houston, TX clinic is proud to offer female ab etching that produces great results.

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