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My father was a medical sculptor at the Shriner's Burn Institute down in Galveston which is a very, very rare profession in that he makes silicone prostheses and pressure garments for children who with the burn scars and burn wounds so I was in his office almost every summer when I was a young boy. So at a very young age I had a very intimate exposure to the medical aspect of reconstructive surgery. The transformation and recovery of what these reconstructive surgeries can perform. And I felt with his artistic talent that I feel like I do have combined with that compassion of taking care of patients and especially children I feel like plastic surgery was the perfect field for me in my future career. So I've known I wanted to be a plastic surgeon since I was a boy.

The training for a plastic surgeon is one of the more intensive residencies and training programs of all the medical, surgical specialties. Requires four years of undergraduate, four year of medical school and then between six and 10 years of further training in plastic surgery. It's a more diverse surgical specialty.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to improve your cosmetic appearance. What I'm able to perform is to provide an aesthetic surgery to enhance their look, improve their self-confidence, your self-image. As a plastic surgeon if you specialize in aesthetic surgeries it's actually very, very rewarding to watch a patient come into the office and to perform these procedures and then watch them in their recovery over the next two months. Their personality really blossoms. It really does blossom. To watch them interact with other staff members and other patients, be willing to talk to other patients who are considering cosmetic surgery is definitely a change of personality.

Success to me is to have a patient who is happy with their aesthetic result that I've provided that to me is natural, that's going to last them for the rest of their life.