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Dr. Rolando Morales - Practice Introduction

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Video Transcription

Hi. My name is Dr. Rolando Morales. I am a Houston plastic and reconstructive surgeon. We have the largest group practice in plastic surgery in Houston. We have two offices, with the two heart epicenters of Houston. One's at Galleria and one's at Memorial, where we have our own private surgery center which is really our crown jewel. We are able to take care of patients in a private environment and provide overnight services, which is truly rare. 

Adelina Falfan: I am the first person that they have contact with, either on the phone or in person. You come in. I bring you into a room, a very nice comfortable room. I explain how things work. I try to get as much information as possible from the patient. I never assume anything. In this business, you cannot assume anything because we all have something that bothers us about ourselves, and it's difficult to talk about. 

Dr. Rolando Morales: And she'll go over your aesthetic desires and your goals, your expectations, and your medical health. And I'll come in and visit with you as well, learn more about you.

Adelina Falfan: Just like any other relationship, we have to click. We have to bond. 

Dr. Rolando Morales: It's almost a marriage. You find a good fit between a surgeon and the practice, how you interact with all the staff in the office is an extremely important thing. And specific for me, I want to educate them, to kind of tell them my desires of what I expect to provide as far as a natural aesthetic look.

Adelina Falfan: As we move on forward and they decide to have surgery, I can always tell that I'm going to have another friend. At the end of the process, we see transformations in every way, from the way they walk. They conduct themselves differently. They have a more positive attitude. They tell us that we have changed their lives. 

Dr. Rolando Morales: My goal in my career and my practice is to provide patients with an excellent surgical result that is natural and is long-lasting, to give them that improvement in their self-image and their body that's going to last them.