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Breast Augmentation with the Keller Funnel

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Hi, guys. My name is Dr. Morales. I'm a Houston Plastic Surgeon. I'm doing a series of demonstrations of different devices that I use in my practice. I'm talking specifically about breast augmentation. I use a device called Keller Funnel. This is what it looks like, okay. It's designed just strictly for silicone breast implants. The whole purpose of it is to streamline and make the process of implanting that silicone implant safer, less traumatic to the implant itself. It's a lot easier on me rather than using an incision at this big and pushing my fingers to put the implant in. You push it in like that because silicone implants, remember, they come prefilled, so it's sealed. This is how it comes from the manufacturer, so you have to get this volume within these small incisions. Well, that's what this device does. It helps us do that process.

This is a first generation product. The second generation is actually clear, and the fabric is a little more stretchy. This is the first generation. It marks based on how big the implant is, based on volume to facilitate the implantation of the breast augmentation. For me, I use this implant for silicon implantation always. I think it's safer. It speeds up the process of the implant. Again, it reduces the stress placed on the implant itself. 

What you do is this all done sterilely. This comes in with a sterile for surgery. The implant's brought into the operating room sterilely. This is just for demonstration purposes, but what you do is you cut the funnel based on the size of the implant. This implant's 430 ccs. It's an ultra high profile implant, which means that it's a little bit taller than most implants. The base or the footprint of the implant is smaller. The volume goes up, so in the body, it looks more like that, okay.

To make this happen what we do is I use sterile saline. I'm gonna just use some water to kind of recreate that, but you lubricate the inside of it. The inside of this implant, I mean of this funnel, has a very, very slick surface. It facilitates a sliding process. You take the implant, again, this is done sterilely. You put it within the funnel like this. You kind of, make sure it's all lubricated, okay. You can see the implant in there. Then what happens is that I put it into the patient, and I squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Then you can see the implant coming out. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze.

Then there it goes the implant. It goes into the body, okay. That's how the process works. This funnel is used only one time, so it's done for both sides. This is thrown away. The implants went in the body. Then I can just adjust and make the position's correct. But the process is a lot less stressful on me. It's a lot less stressful on the implant itself.

Again, I think this is the best way to do breast augmentation. That's how I incorporate it in my practice. Anyway, I just wanted to demonstrate that to you. If you have any questions you can find more information on or give us a call 713-8354-5119. Thanks again, guys. Thanks.