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Breast Augmentation with Lift

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Breast augmentation with a lift is one of the most common procedures I perform. It's women who are usually middle-aged who've had previous children, who've had maybe possible implants before. These rejuvenating procedures that we offer are a lift procedure with an implant. Implant to restore the volume and the lift to restore the shape of the breast. The best candidate for a breast augmentation with a lift is a woman who desires a little bit of upper pole fullness, who has extra skin and desires a more youthful, fuller, rounder breast. That fullness and the roundness of the upper pole of the breast can only be performed with an implant.

Typically, with aging and pregnancies, the extra skin has become more lax, the areola complex looks more south rather than straight ahead, so the new position can be improved, the extra skin can be re-tailored. What I need to do with the breast shape, areola position, I can adjust the areola up to about a centimeter and a half, which is a lot. I can lift the nipple by a centimeter and a half, which is without scars, just with dual plane technique. It's a very powerful technique that gives patients a lift-type look without a lift scar.

Expected cost for breast augmentation and lift is a little bit more than each alone, so with the combined procedure, as in done at the same time, requires a little bit more technique. The procedure is really custom tailored to the patient's needs as far as how big of an implant they want to how much skin needs to be retained to go over that new shape.