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Houston Woman has Breast Revision Surgery

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CASE STUDY: Patient presented with symptoms of breast asymmetry and implant malposition. She also was unhappy with right sided animation deformity. She desired explantation of the silicone implants and reaugmentation with larger silicone implants to improve her breast volume and symmetry in better proportions to her body. She had no children yet. She wore approximately a D cup bra in most bra styles. She desired to be more of a full DD cup bra. The after pictures below are two months from breast revision. She had a quick recovery, and has returned to all her lifestyle activities. PROCEDURE DETAILS: Bilateral 450cc silicone implants removed, and replaced with Allergan smooth round, High Profile 500cc silicone gel implants. Bilateral lateral and inframammary folds were repaired to centralize and support the breast. Fat grafting was performed to the right breast to improve the contour deformity with animation.
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