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Dr. Morales – Exercise Routine

I live, I would say a healthy lifestyle to fit. I feel better, dramatically better since I started focusing more on what I eat and how I exercise. I don't push that on my patients, but I can promise you that in the recovery setting, just getting moving again does improve the circulation, does improve the swelling recovery. Most of my patients are back to exercising around week three. Start on cardio, different types of cardio equipment. Have a great relationship with a lot of personal trainers in the Houston area. Cross Fit gyms, Yoga gyms. To come back six months after surgery, lost 15 to 20 pounds and look even better. That's awesome, right. That's a lifestyle change. To me, that's just as rewarding as doing some of the surgeries that I've done. They go through a lifestyle change and then they inspire others. Right. So their friends and family are like, "Wow. You've really changed so much!" Patients will look and feel younger. Guaranteed. If you just take care of your body, eat well, exercise. You will look and live younger. No question.