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Brazilian butt lift - what to expect

The Brazilian butt lift (BBL) has become more in vogue in the past ten years. It is really an up and coming procedure. Basically it's two procedures in one. We do liposuction and then we take that fat, use it around the core area, the abdomen, the flanks, and the back. We take that fat and we physically move it into a different part of the body. That fat transfer is usually placed in the buttocks for volume enhancement and shape enhancement. That is an all natural tissue that is all you. It is a permanent change in how you gain and lose weight forever. They get really lean in those areas we did the liposuction and the buttock area is always the last thing to go. Patients will have a fuller, rounder butt in relation to your proportions as a result of that procedure. Great patients for BBL, are patients with a BMI somewhere around 20 - 25%. We can really transform the figure of a woman to have a smaller waist and a fuller bottom. This can really change how they look and feel in clothes.