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Dr. Morales discusses his passion and motivation for plastic surgery 

I've wanted to be a plastic surgeon since childhood. My dad was a medical sculptor at the Burns Shriners Institute in Galveston. So from a very young age, I was exposed to plastic surgery and the reconstructive aspect of plastic surgery. I was able to train with my mentors that I knew from childhood; seeing them 15 years later, working next to them, reconstructing burn children, helping fix cosmetic and reconstructive deformities has been very rewarding. That was really the dream for me. I take care of my patients like I would my family. I take every patient very personally. I also demand the best out of myself and I think my patients always expect that of me. My goal is always to meet their expectations and exceed them. I find that it's an everyday challenge and I do that in everything I do. I'm always pushing myself to get better every day. I tell my kids that every day and it keeps me young. It keeps me hungry. To see patients come into their initial consultation who are dressed very plain, a simple t-shirt and they kinda slouch and then they go through some of these transforming procedures like a breast augmentation with a mommy makeover. Those type of surgeries and seeing them at that two months post-op visit when they come in and they're in heels, their hair is done, their makeup is done, they're wearing a tight-fitting dress. When I see them walking down that hall and they're smiling, they look so different and their aura and their personality have changed from when I first met them. They don't have to say a word, that to me is really gratifying.