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2018 sponsored Athletes


Cara Patterson

Cara Patterson is a NSL bikini professional athlete. She won the Bikini Beach world championships in 2017. She is a Master Personal Trainer that works mainly with women in the hopes of improving knowledge and confidence at Steelworx Gym and Training Center. She is a Native American born in a small town of Alabama and raised in Clear Lake, Texas. Cara believes increasing confidence and knowledge in all mothers can improve the entire community.

Nat Rochner

Nat Rochner (sounds like ROCKner) is a 29 year old IFBB Professional Athlete from Texas City, Texas. She holds her bachelor's of science in Fitness and Human Performance from the University of Houston, as well as her teaching certificate specializing in physical education. Natalie taught & coached middle school and high school students for several years until she began her own personal training business at The Iron Den Gym where she specializes in multi-sport youth strength and conditioning programs, weight loss, healthy living and youth mentorship. Natalie's passion for fitness and the healthy lifestyle is seen through her work ethic and competition record. She strives to build her clients up physically, mentally & spiritually, making training a total transformation from the inside out. Natalie believes in using the tough physical restrictions of contest prep as a way to motivate and empower oneself. She has dedicated her life to building women of strength, power & resilience. 

Fily Vidrio

Fily Vidrio is a Nationally Qualified NPC Figure competitor. Former SSG US Army, Mother of one adorable son, Dorian, devoted wife to my best friend Louie. I began my fitness journey after I left the military. I needed something to give me purpose and structure so I used bodybuilding to help adapt to civilian life. My first competition was the Iron House Classic in 2015 where I placed 1st and overall. My most recent competition was Miami Nationals 2017 where I placed 4th. What inspires me to compete is knowing it takes a lot of dedication. Making it to the stage is unlike any other accomplishment, I enjoy challenging myself physically and mentally. My goal is to motivate others to change their lifestyle.