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Morales Plastic Surgery – Facility Overview

My names Dr. Roland Morales. I'm a board certified plastic surgeon, Houston Texas. I'm a specialized in aesthetic plastic surgery. I'm in a group of six surgeons called Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery and we collectively are the number one practice in Texas. We pride ourselves in excellence and innovation. When patients come in, they should expect to be in a very comfortable setting that's nice and quiet. They should expect a short wait. And they meet our coordinators or staff. And they're brought into the patient rooms or consultation rooms. The first thing they're gonna do is make a call. The contact is taken out to my coordinator, her name is Linda Martez. And then, she goes over the standard questions about the procedure, recovery, what to expect. And then, at that point, they make a consultation appointment. And a consultation appointment is an hour long. They come into the office. We take 'em back to the consultation room. In a very comfortable setting, we go over imaging. We talk about what their desires are and how we can help and make things better for them. And then we go through the process of making a plan of what they would like to proceed with. And then, if they choose to proceed, then they make a separate appointment for a scheduling of a surgical procedure. And then, at that point, it goes on through the surgery, and then the recovery. So when they come into my practice, they know they're getting the best in Houston. They know they're getting the best in Texas. And I'm here to strengthen that brand and the reputation of a center of excellence.