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Morales Plastic Surgery – Concierge Service

Our concept to concierge service is really just we make sure everything is provided to our patients for their surgical procedures as well as recover. From when they have surgery, they're in a private surgery center. All we do is aesthetic plastic surgery. This all we do every day, all day. You're not going to wake up next to a patient who just had their tonsils out. You're not going to wake up patient who just had a colonoscopy. We're very private, exclusive, kind of VIP style, plastic surgery center. If patients stay overnight, they're going to be in a private room. They have their own nurse. We give them something to drink. We get their pain medicine through their IV, their nausea medi- Everything is as comfortable as possible make sure that night is as smooth and pain-free as possible. The garments after surgery, we use garments, compression therapy. You don't have to go find them on Amazon. You don't have to go find that on the internet I have it. We are the number one client for the number one manufacturer in the world. Little things are this concierge premium practice details that some practice don't do. Send you flowers after surgery. We want you to feel better, because it's going to be worth it. Through all this pain and suffering, it's going to be worth it. Just make the whole recovery experience smooth and comfortable as possible is the goal.